Do you have an idea or invention you want to test out?

Design: You’ve got the ideas, let us get them on paper and 3D cad for you.  This will be your IP or (intellectual property).  TLE will retain records for you perpetually (that means forever!)

Prototypes:  1,20, or 50k! let TLE make your prototypes first, or quote it elsewhere, you now have the CAD and Prints, YOU have the power!

Production:  Top Line works with a dense network of vendors on US soil or overseas to get your final production volume going.  If we can’t do it, we certainly know somebody who can and can source your products for you, or simply make the introduction.  You make the call!

Patents: If you want to protect your invention, our contract team of patent lawyers can help!

Deepest experience of our engineering team includes:

Plastic Injection Molding, APQP, 8-D’s,Assembly, Tool and Die, Stamping, CNC machining, Additive Manufacturing, 5-S, 3D design, Statics, System dynamics, Electrical Engineering, PLC programming, PC based programming, Camera Systems, Sensing and much more!